Friday, January 30, 2004

Nothing new, just a few quiz results. Keep in mind that I did not manipulate these in any way....

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You're a Cute Catboy!!! You aren't the smartest of
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Thursday, January 29, 2004

My mom and I actually had a good conversation last night! And this was without her guilt-tripping, me asking for money, or one of us busting out in tears. We discussed our diets (She's on Atkins now), and we talked for a LOOOONG time! I hope we can have more conversations like this in the future, where we can have real discussions and not collective gripe fests...

Work's making me kinda crazy lately. I just feel like I'm being watched like a hawk recently, and that people think I'm kinda dumb. I guess if I was a 3rd year Culinary student instead of a 1st year (Even though I've been at my job for two years now), they would be less apt to be on my case....not! I just have to keep in mind that I'm only gonna be there for a short time, since I'm graduating next year. And I have my three Angels there with me, so as long as we stick together, all of us will be better off! In actuality, my work situation might change since my mother's trying to get us in on her small business idea. I'm a little leery about it, but I don't think there would be much risk in cleaning office buildings at night. If anything, it'll mean that I don't have to pound the pavement trying to get work in this sucky economy. I just hope that, if we're going to do this, we actually do it, and it's not something that my mom just keeps talking about without actually doing anything.

As far as that internship, I have a feeling that it's gonna be a lot more convoluted that I thought it would be. I just have to get the heck out of here at some point! I want to head up to NYC for the summer! I could house-sit while my aunt travels, and I wouldn't be here. broke as a dog, for three months....I just have to be sure that the young lady at the interenship company gets back with me. I hope I'm not too late.

And, on the subject of friends. I was told by a friend that another friend was a racist. Specifically, they said that he said that he hates Black people (I just happen to be a Black people, er, um, person.....). I was shocked beyond belief, y'all! I couldn't believe that someone that I'd let into my inner circle could be a racist! I confronted him on it (Probably not the best thing, but understand that I was highly upset by this). He told me that it was ridiculous, and explained what he had said. I was relieved, because I half-expected to have to catch a case.....

As for the "State of my Finances", I'm one day away from getting my first check of 2004! I'll owe my car payment, my rent, and have to pay my ISP as the check bounced....BUUUUT, I should at least have my refund check this weekend. Then, the fun begins.....

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Hanging around recently has got me wanting to go to an anime convention even more than before! I mean, it seems like it'd be a total blast, and I'm even planning on going to a few cons this year (I'm determined to make it to at least ONE this year...). The trouble is that, well, I usually don't have the money to go to a con. I got as far as sending a check in to Anime Central 2001, but didn't make it because I just didn't have the money. I'm gonna have to work a second job, so maybe I can budget the money this year. I can work out the lodging and travel arrangements from there. WHich brings me to issue #2: I CAN'T FIND ANYONE TO GO WITH ME!! I commenced to planning for Ohayocon thinking that I could maybe get a friend or two to go with me. Buuuuut....none of my friends could do it. Plus, again, I wound up not having the money in time, and getting laid off for nearly a month wasn't exactly helpful, either....

But, now that I have a sewing machine (A Kenmore from the early '60s that my mom's boss gave me -- She loved the thank-you note!), I can start my costumes. Let's see, there's Nyantaro, my original creation that I made for Con Ja Nai '03 (Which, unfortunately, I didn't photograph), which I plan to re-make in different fabrics (This time, I want to use a darker blue, less shiny fabric), though I have the original costume, so re-making it isn't such a priority. And the three I have planned for his year: Ryoma, the samurai from Power Stone (I managed to find a costume pattern for the main part, and I've found resources for either the other pieces, or patterns for these parts. Oddly, he's got about 4-5 costume variations between the anime and the games!!); Barret from FF VII (This is one I'd planned on doing for a while, mostly by popular demand, and plus, I thought Barret was kinda cool! I might shopthrift this one, assuming I can find things in my size); and Sean from Street Fighter III (Wanted to be a Shotokan from the series, but I didn't want to be another Ken or Ryu. I figured I'd become one of the lesser-cosplayed ones, and this one would mostly require me to dye and alter a karate uniform -- Now if I can find somewhere to work with that much Rit!).

If you've noticed something, all of the characters that I'm cosplaying are dark-skinned. I don't think this really happened intentionally, really. I've just gotten an affinity toward these characters for one reason or another. I just hope I can get Lasik by the time I hit the cons!!!! Speaking of which, the cons which I am so far planning on are: Animazement (With my friend Ruthie and her friends), JAFAX (I might be able to convince one of my friends to accompany me), and Con Ja Nai (So, it's not really a con, BUT the cosplay event owns all!)...

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