Friday, November 28, 2003

Most people that know me know that, for the last seven weeks, I've been on the Atkins diet. I guess I couldn't outwardly see the changes in my body where everyone else either noticed them a little or couldn't tell as most of my time at school or work is spent in a now oversized chef's uniform. But I went to try on pants for the first time in a few weeks and was amazed at what happened. I was able to fit in pants about four sizes smaller that what I'd been wearing in a good five years!! I've lost about four pant sizes and two T-shirt sizes, y'all!! This means that I an now shop in a different part of the store instead of only being able to wear big and tall. This now means that I have to buy all new clothes, because I now look like M.C. Hammer in all my pants.....

Current Song:"I'm In Heaven" -- Jason Nevins feat. Holly

Monday, November 24, 2003
Hmm...Well, it looks like it's gonna be an interesting week. Since it is a holiday week, I've only got three days of work and two of that nerve-wracking class....and I can't wait to spend m y weekend playing video games and designing my website for my class....if only Mom doesn't get into "Spring Cleaning" mode (And if, somehow, the fam's gone all day Thursday to talk to our neighbors...)

I've had something on my mind lately about web diaries. Recently, a friend told me how she was betrayed by her friend when he made some apathetic comments about her relationship troubles in his LiveJournal. Now, this led me to think: Even though I'd probably be very vague about it, I wouldn't go into details talking about other people's business in my blog. For one, if I've been told something in confidence, I wouldn't go blabbing it to untold users, 'cause ya' never know whose reading these things. Secondly, I don't mean to sound selfish, but it's my blog! I'm using this to write down my thoughts, not sit up here putting people's business in the street....unless someone pissed me off personally, then it's fair game......

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Saturday, November 08, 2003
I don't post as often as I should, but life sorta, kinda throws curveballs in my path. Many things have happened over the last few weeks.....

School has been quite a roller coaster experience this semester. I've ultmately decided that I no longer want to be in the Culinary industry, and am, in fact, cutting my time in the Culinary program short by one year. Simply put, I won't waste my time or money on a program where I am treated like a criminal, especially by the director of the program. Ad this bleeds into the drama at my job, as well. Because I work for the Food Service department, I'm sensing that I'm catching extra heat (Well, myself and my friend Tahira particularly since we're actually in the program) because there's bad blood between the Food Service department and Culinary Arts. I've found that sudents are actually encouraged to be disrespectful to the FS workers, while the rivalry isn't exactly hidden on the FS side, too. I'm not sure what's going to happen. All I know is that this is going to be one drama-filled year. At least Computer Graphics is going well....even if I am finding it hard to focus on the class since I spent all summer working on the program the instructor's teaching. CJ being my class is a plus, since he's one of my few friends that's also a classmate.

As far as family life goes, except for Mother being a little extra neurotic, nothing's out of the ordinary. Well, except for the two recent deaths. A few weeks ago, my cousin's dad died. The man's contribution to society was to create his own "Little Africa", as he had about 20 children, most to different mothers. I wasn't very close to him at all. In fact, I hardly knew him, except for what my mother told me of his relationship with my aunt. I did meet two of my cousin's sisters, though. One of them told me how she gets her marijuana past airport security....something I had to relay to my friends and co-workers. Then, last night, I found out that my uncle Lester died...of a heart attack! This is extremely saddening news, since he and his family were there for us when my dad died about 13 years ago. He reminded me so much of my own father, probably because they were so close. I'm going to miss him dreadfully, and I'm probably going to see his family on Monday.

Current Music: None, since I'm in the middle of a lecture.....

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