Sunday, July 27, 2003
Yeah, it's been a while since the last post, I know. But some rather interesting things have happened over the last few days....

- CHAT WITH MAYSA... On Wednesday night (Or very early Thursday morning). I was on AIM because I couldn't sleep (I had to go to the hospital with mother, and we were there until almost 4 a.m.), and a certain screenname popped up on my Buddy list. It was that of Maysa Leak, jazz singer, one-time Incognito member, and all-around force of nature!! I didn't want to get into any fanboyish rambling, but we did get a chance to chat about different things (I wish I still had the chat transcript), including the fact that she's a huge fan of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I really hope she pops up on AOL again (She rules on so many levels)!!

- 4-STAR HOTEL.... My aunt came in from out of town on business, and stayed up in the Renaissance Center's Marriott (She's an executive for Colgate, so she gets to stay in some really cool places). She asked me to stay in the room with her, and I packed up a bag and headed downtown with my aunt. Oh, it was such a beautiful hotel!! I've stayed in nicer hotels when I visited my aunt back in '96, but this one was a great one, nonetheless. One of the things involved with her visit (Anf the main reason for her visit was....

- TOM JOYNER SKY SHOW!!.... Yes, the only reason you'd see old Black people camping out in Downtown Detroit at 3 a.m. (Other than maybe a free Millie Jackson stage play...)! My aunt went to the sky show being held in Downtown Detroit because her company, Colgate-Palmolive, was presenting the Tom Joyner Foundation with a check for $5,000. Oh, the hilarity that ensued! I got to meet J. Anthony Brown (And had to tell him to get out of my seat), saw a live performance by a rather worn-out DeBarge (They kept trying to take everybody to church), and got a bunch of cool free stuff (Including Luther Vandross's new CD and enough Kool-Aid for the entire city of Compton). I had tons of fun!! Yeah, and Ms. Dupree, if you're reading this, KEEP DROPPIN' IT LIKE IT'S HOT, BIG MAMA!!!

- NEW WARDROBE.... I went shopping with my aunt, mom and sister, thinking I'd maybe end up with the T-shirts I needed for Culinary Arts, but what I ended up with was a bunch of new clothes and some shoes for work!! I'll have to be sure to send my aunt a nice "thank you" card!!

I need to post here more often. But the family reunion's coming up soon, and this time, my folks are taking over New Orleans....I'll keep you posted!!

Current Song: "My Love Is Like Whoa" -- Mya

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