Saturday, March 08, 2003
Spring Break's almost over, and except for seeing Daredevil with Big Sis and attracting a crowd while playing Para Para last weekend, I ain't did doo-doo SQUAT! Wanted to go to the anime club tonight, but I guess that's too much to wish for (Plus they complain whenever I go), but at least I finally got my room clean (And I love burning scented candles in my room once it's clean -- Tonight it's Vanilla Cookie), so I can't complain. Monday's gonna be interesting for several reasons.....

Yes, Monday. I'm gonna have to explain to my boss while I'll need to be off the week after next. You see, I just found out I'm having surgery (Nothing major, mind you.) next Monday, but the after-care will probably put me off of work for the entire work. It's pretty intimate, so I won't go into details here. I just hope I don't get humiliated somehow. Wish me the best folks!!

Current Music:"I Can't Tell You Why" -- Brownstone

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