Thursday, January 23, 2003
Well, I ended up missing class today. Yeah, I was so sleep-deprived this morning that I actually didn't get up until almost noon, and even then, I was dead tired. I didn't want to start off on a bad foot at all. I just hope that I can catch up.

But a bright side, I got my cable modem on Friday! COOLNESS! I'm finally able to download all the music and movies (Assuming that some nutjob from Sony doesn't try to sue me) at a fraction of the speed. I thik I went a little crazy on Friday, but I was finally able to get a copy of The Sims. Yes, I've entered Simdom, created about four homes and two families (Made an interesting love connection between a Jin Kazama-skinned Sim and a pre-existing character), and I'm enjoying basically playing God with these people!
Now, I have one monkey off of my back, and that would be my credit card bills!! They're both up to date, meaning that I won't be getting calls in the middle of dinner demanding exorbant sums of money!! Now, if I could just budget my limited cash right.....

Current Music: "Dreaming Of You" -- Selena

(Since I can do this on LJ but not on Blogger, I figured people'd want to know what I'm listening to as I write this stuff...)

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